16 Jan 2017
In the Press
RCG on a roll in the New Year
Sarah Gruiters

Property Consulting, Architecture and Design company RCG Limited, are very active leading into the New Year with major projects, from new vehicle showrooms, television studios and supermarkets targeting openings in 2017.

“It’s been an outstanding year for RCG in 2016” said RCG Architecture Director John Lenihan, “we have a range of exciting projects we are currently working on that will be open in 2017, and many more on the drawing boards.”

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04 Aug 2016
In the Press
Cash is key to reversing New Zealand's empty mall problem
Catherine Harris, Stuff

Big-name international brands and flasher surroundings could be the salvation of some of our struggling shopping malls.

Paul Keane, a director of retail and architecture consultancy, RCG remembers the mass expansion of shopping malls in New Zealand in the 1970s.

He says New Zealand retail is in good shape, benefiting from stronger economy than much of the world and a safe place for our booming tourist numbers.

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16 Mar 2016
In the Press
Overseas retailers can exit as quickly as they enter, RCG warns landlords

Property owners are being warned that the arrival of big new international retail brands in New Zealand may mean an upsurge in quick exits or closures.

Paul Keane of retail consultancy RCG says the closure of Dick Smith and also department store Target's decision to axe all its 133 store in Canada reinforced the fact that big retailers can be "brutal" over non-performing stores.

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15 Feb 2016
In the Press
Bright retail ideas that aren’t …
The National Business Review

As retailers reel from the Australasian receivership of Dick Smith Electronics and Woolworths ditching of its Masters DIY hardware chain across Australia, decisions by big players to combine sectors are coming home to haunt them.

It points to one universal truth in retail; stick to your knitting. Woolworths has learnt the hard way in two troubled diversifications from its main grocery and food business.

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27 Jan 2016
In the Press
Wave of property syndications raises risks and rewards
The National Business Review

Property syndication has once again become lucrative for promoters like NZX-listed Augusta.

Just 15 years ago the market was flooded with troubled loss-making syndicates, which were eventually rolled into listed entities, evolving into companies like Stride (ex-DNZ), with frequent name changes along the way.

Syndications generally offer 1-2% more than listed company shares and more than bank term deposits.

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