06 May 2015
In the Press
Living above malls may be new trend
NZ Herald

Residential developments above shopping centres could be the next big thing, according to property, design and research company RCG.

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13 Apr 2015
In the Press
Baby boomers key to investment jigsaw

The power of the "grey dollar" is one of the major factors that will influence the future price of property, a report by commercial property company RCG says.

RCG has produced a "cheat sheet" for property investors which attempts to forecast the implications of everything from the power of baby boomers' "grey dollars" to the future impact of increased overseas investment and growing international visitor numbers.

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25 Mar 2015
In the Press
Property trends guide to be released this month
Vivienne Long

Last year, RCG celebrated 25 years of good business. This year, the company is releasing it's research publication covering 25 lucrative property trends.

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11 Mar 2015
In the Press
TransportBlog and RCG launches new development tracker
The National Business Review

Some 977 apartments or terrace houses have been completed in Auckland since 2012, with another 2462 under construction and 2410 in the pre-sales and marketing phase.

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09 Feb 2015
In the Press
TransportBlog launches the RCG Development Tracker

TransportBlog and RCG are pleased to announce the launch of the RCG Development Tracker. This is the most comprehensive source of public data on developments in New Zealand.

The RCG Development Tracker will cover apartments and terraces, as well as hotel, retail, office and retirement village projects. At this time, it includes information on developments comprising:

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