10 Apr 2012
News in brief, 10 April
Vivienne Long

There is so much activity in the marketplace that we could fill the NIB ten times over. Usually we prefer to focus on just a few key issues; however, this week is an exception, so here is a wider overview of activities over the past week and how we see them.

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09 Oct 2011
In the Press
Hit-and-Run retail has impact
Rebecca Stevenson, Dominion Post

POP-UP retail is growing like topsy. And yes, the clues as to what pop-up retail are all in the name.

It is a temporary shop that may pop up overnight, operate for a day or a week, and then, poof, be gone.

This type of retail, which is often flogging off clearance or sale stock from a vacant retail space over a brief period of time, is what RCG retail consultant John Lenihan says is also called hit-and-run retail.

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18 Sep 2011
In the Press
Under the mall's influence
Charles Anderson, Sunday Star-Times

The consumers snaked into the entrance of Albany Mall. They funnelled in and were the spat out in different directions - to the food court, to the department store, to the stationery shop.

They were looking for lingerie and children's books and Santa. They walked and stopped and glanced and entered.

And with Christmas just around the corner, they usually came out looking sheepish - with bags in tow.

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14 Sep 2011
In the Press
Rotorua Central's ongoing development
The Daily Post

Retail consulting and planning group, RCG, will continue to be involved in a lot of redevelopment work at Rotorua Central over the coming 12 months. Besides revamping and covering the food court, improvements will be made to the centre's retail offering.

"We'll be repositioning and relocating businesses in an effort to improve the offering,'' says RCG chairman, Paul Keane.

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04 Sep 2011
In the Press
Retail benefits of Cup challenged
Nick Krause, The Marlborough Express

The retail prosperity promised during the Rugby World Cup could disappoint the sector, an industry commentator says.

With government and Reserve Bank estimates of the tournament boosting the economy by $500 million to $700m, the crunch will be whether New Zealand attracts the 85,000 anticipated visitors, how long they will stay and how much they will spend.

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