22 Aug 2016
One Plan to Rule Them All
John Polkinghorne

Six years after the Auckland Council was formed, we finally have a Unitary Plan: a new district plan for the region, replacing a raft of old plans and the old Regional Policy Statement. What a process it’s been. Multiple iterations of the Plan, with consultations, submissions, and hearings. Politicking and grandstanding, special interests, and more information (and misinformation) than anyone could take in.

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15 Aug 2016
Providing a service
Paul Keane

Last week I wrote on retirement villages and the money that is being made by developers at the expense of retirees; the response that I’ve received suggests to me that all is not well in that camp. A review of the process and the financial gains is required.

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08 Aug 2016
Retirement village industry in need of a review
Paul Keane

The recent surge of retirement village development throughout the country is hardly surpising; with an ageing population comes a demand for residential retirement facilities. But when is a "profit" fair and reasonable?

So, how are profits made in the retirement village industry?

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04 Aug 2016
In the Press
Cash is key to reversing New Zealand's empty mall problem
Catherine Harris, Stuff

Big-name international brands and flasher surroundings could be the salvation of some of our struggling shopping malls.

Paul Keane, a director of retail and architecture consultancy, RCG remembers the mass expansion of shopping malls in New Zealand in the 1970s.

He says New Zealand retail is in good shape, benefiting from stronger economy than much of the world and a safe place for our booming tourist numbers.

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01 Aug 2016
Bigger market impact from opening or closures?
Paul Keane

David Jones opened last week on Lambton Quay in Wellington, and at the same time Countdown announced they were to close six supermarkets throughout New Zealand.

So which one had the bigger impact on the market?

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