Foundation Precinct

Located at the junction of two of Auckland’s premium suburbs - Parnell and Newmarket - is The Foundation, a mixed-use centre that covers the city block. With its historic buildings and diverse mix of tenants, this was a unique and attractive centre that had lost its
sense of self. 

Overtime signage within The Foundation had multiplied and become cluttered and un-co-ordinated, while the overall visitor experience
had slipped.

Working with our client, RCG identified a key set of needs which would restore and transform The Foundation into an accessible centre with an open and attractive customer experience. The first step in the process was rebranding The Foundation as a Precinct; working in with brand specialists Marque, we developed a name, brand signature, graphic and signage system. Then we improved the main entry points, installing obvious entry statements, removing barriers and enhancing the natural landscaping. 

The new brand Foundation Precinct denotes quality. A sophisticated environment, exceptional professional service and consistently welcoming and desirable offering. RCG have previously created a customised retail strategy for the precinct and are currently working on an architectural extension. 

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