Throughout our long relationship with Westpac, our most rewarding challenge has been to create environments that ‘cut through’ established practises, and to champion the movement away from a reliance on banking’s conservative retail environments.

Instead, we have consistently emphasised the customer journey and focused on designing bold, energising and innovative experiences, addressing not only changing market expectations but also capturing the essence of Westpac’s strategic direction.

RCG have created a number of design outcomes for Westpac, across a wide range of platforms. This has included undertaking work for our client’s metro branches, retail reviews, and branch experience projects.

RCG has also assisted Westpac in developing their branch location strategies for many areas around New Zealand and we have created a catchment formula to identify gaps in the Auckland region, as part of an ongoing, multi-team project. Westpac has made major branch network investment decisions based on our recommendations.

Utilising the network gap strategy, we have developed a new, 150sqm, small-format branch, with prototypes in Huapai, Lunn Ave and St John’s. A roll-out nationwide included regional mall sites, such as Palmerston North and Riccarton, both of which have won NZ Retail Design Awards.

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NZRIA Brand Application Award Winner 2011
NZRIA Leasure Group Award Winner 2010
NZRIA PSP Shopfront Award Winner 2010
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