Z Energy

What design decisions do you make for the new convenience ‘kids on the block’ after they’ve just dumped a mammoth global brand?

Z Energy is about reflecting the “new” in New Zealand. Defined by locals, Z is a globally-focused, multi cultural and incredibly ambitious service station and convenience store offering.

And our challenge? 225 stores, a company champing to be a New Zealand market leader, with zero brand awareness and an offering that needed to reflect the values and personality of New Zealand.

We identified the need to separate and distinguish the customer’s journey from the forecourt through into the convenience store. This Involved creating a selling strategy, that not only informed the design of the store environment, but also the range of products and services to be sold, in-store communication and brand behaviour.

And a customer centric design solution needed to target aspirational and middle New Zealanders, the top 60% of the market. We benchmarked against ‘everyday’ contemporary, branded environments that sell everyday branded products, recognising that customers wanted a range of experiences, including: local, natural, handmade, authentic, accessible, fun, caring, and quality.

So with a very clear brief, we designed a convenience-store brand and offer that reflected these customer aspirations, along with a better ‘coffee and food to go’ offer, a mapped customer journey and touch points and a visual system that expressed the brand personality.

And we went on to:

• Develop the first store prototype
• Design a new project management strategy
• Test the rollout with 12 store types across NZ
• Document the 40 rollout stores as part of the design and build team.

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Deloitte Energy Excellence Award 2011
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