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We combine the analytical, functional and aesthetic to unlock the value of your assets and enrich the experiences.

Cutting Through the Complexity.

RCG focuses on outcomes. Not just pretty boxes, or trendy shapes. Or things that look good on paper and fail in real life. Results.

Well Informed, Practical Solutions, Designed Well.

We pride ourselves on delivering work that makes a measurable difference. We bring a unique mix of business intelligence, creative design thinking and a track record of tangible commercial results to every project we work on – and have done since 1989.

Our clients see us as more than an architecture and property practice.

We’re their strategic partner.

Wai Ariki Spa
Pukeroa Oruawhata Group approached RCG with a vision to build a luxury spa on Rotorua’s lakefront
Whakaata Māori
Award winning design solution
University of Auckland | UP Education
Te Taura Whiri I Te Reo Māori
We created an environment to ‘echo’ the language.
Hawaikirangi – Whakaata Māori

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New Ways of Doing Things,
By Design

We understand that your situation can be complex; and will likely have many pieces to unpick and arrange. However, it’s not the first time we have built the puzzle, and unpacking complexity is our game. Our extensive internal network of knowledge and skills allows us to draw from, or combine, the best expertise when your situation needs it.

To unlock further opportunity, we are often able to create eco-systems by bringing different groups together. What we do delivers the difference.


How did we weave the Identity of Maori TV into an existing corporate building?

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