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Building Safety In New Zealand

Paul Keane
Auckland Skyline

As expected, the recent Grenfell Tower fire, drew attention to buildings in New Zealand and questions have been asked of Building Owners, Property Developers and Architects, as to the reliability of buildings in the event of fire or any other natural disasters that tend to strike when least expected.

"I sensed that some authorities whether they be organisations representing groups or local bodies, were anxious to ensure that their buildings were appropriately protected."

The key words in the above statement are "when least expected".  It worried me to read statements from certain building owners suggesting that they were going to review their buildings to ensure they were safe!! What!! I couldn't believe how ridiculous that sounds. Surely building owners must be confident of the reliability of their buildings and that in all respects they are fit for purpose.

"Those of us in the property industry need to ensure we give our tenants confidence throughout the period of their intended occupation."

One expects Property managers to be on alert at all times to ensure that simple property functions such as fire doors are fully operable, that obstacles are not placed in front of exits, that the fire alarm and sprinkler systems are maintained at regular intervals. This does not just apply to commercial buildings but also and most importantly to Schools, Hospitals and Home Care facilities.

If nothing else, the tragic fire in the Grenfell Tower has taught us all to be vigilant in our approach to protection of property and life. Property can be replaced but lives cant. Being prepared for the unexpected is by far better than having the ambulance waiting at the bottom of the cliff!!!

RCG In The News

We recently partnered with Retail Dimensions and The Cooperative Bank to create interactive banking kiosks based in Sylvia Park and Glenfield Mall in Auckland.  A new way of banking, the kiosks are compact in size, fun and structured similarly to the classic kiwi shed.  Engagement through the use of mobile devices or tablets, The COOP bank aspires to help customers look to the future of technology and change the way they think about banking. 

Cooperative Bank Kiosk Sylvia Park


In the Press

Local Media Highlights 24 July - 31 July 2017


Mixed Retail space grows

Food obsession is a growing trend in New Zealand, foodies will go long distances in order to dine out rather than cook. Now, the trends are starting to show how this is ultimately affecting retail spaces. The retail market is unpredictable at the best of times, but with trend analysis we can get a basic idea of what is doing well and what has a chance of continuing that growth.

(Source: The Register)


More new fashion tenants announced for Christchurch's retail precinct

New tenant signings for the eastern end of central Christchurch's new retail precinct have cemented the block as a big brand fashion hub. International retailers Country Road, Trenery and Witchery, will all open on Cashel St in the $140 million Crossing development going up between Colombo and High streets.

(Source: Stuff)


Strong profit growth expected from NZ companies

Investors have strong expectations of profit growth in this reporting season and may punish companies who do not exceed forecasts, analysts say. Listed companies with a June 30 financial year end - which most of the big power generator-retailers - will begin reporting their results from mid-August.

(Source:NZ Herald)


Few commercial buildings comply with seismic restraints standard

The lack of office buildings which comply with earthquake restraints standards is a "shocking state of affairs", a Wellington engineer says. The standard, which related to the design, construction and installation of seismic restraints, had been in place for 34 years.


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