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Councils reject Easter trading proposal

Paul Keane
Easter Trading

It was ironical last week that both the Auckland and Christchurch City Councils rejected the proposal to allow retailers to open on Easter Sunday. Apparently there was a significant vote in both councils in favour of the decision so it was a significant move in the challenge to open on a preserved traditional special holiday date. Whilst this decision was only by the two councils, and other local bodies throughout New Zealand can make their own separate decision,

"I believe there is a clear signal here that the majority of our communities don't want shops to open on days that are currently considered "preserved"."

Further, retailers themselves are generally opposed to the idea, as the holidays affected are considered as sacrosanct by retailers who like the idea of giving their staff a break. The debate will emerge that retailers are missing out due to online shopping, but are we seriously of the view that consumers will stop shopping on line if shops close on just a few days every year!!

I have always been an advocate for retailing. I supported in years past the opening of shops on Saturdays and Sundays.

"Since those extended retail hours were introduced, retailing has flourished, and consumers have benefitted." 

However I believe the decision by Auckland and Christchurch councillors is a win for retailers, as retailers in those cities can go forward with a level of confidence that the status quo for the moment remain.

I said at the outset that the announcement was "ironical". Last week I attended a celebration put on by RCG as a signal of my contribution to the company. Apart from being humbled, I was delighted with the cake they made which was identical to a traditional cash register that for years had been our company icon. It further demonstrated that retail is far from being out dated by other forms of consumerism. This icon of retailing will always remain as a signal of RCGs commitment to the industry, long may it continue.

RCG in the News | Maori Television Opens New Whare 

Maori Television opened the doors to its new Whare last Thursday. RCG staff participated in the dawn Karakia alongside many staff, iwi, MPs, schools and other industry partners. There were also contributions from Buddha, Baptist, Pai Mārire, Ringatu and Anglican denominations; it was truly a project that brought together many different people and organisations. The space has been really well received by Staff and the community and was featured on a number of their programmes last week. Click the link below to hear Associate Director, Andy Florkowski, discuss the design on Kawe Kōrero.

Or, click here to view a snippet of the opening itself!

In the press

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A serious decline in the number of building consents issued for new houses in Tauranga next year has been predicted by The Lakes managing director Scott Adams. He was reflecting on the cooling effect of banks tightening up on credit limits and the traditional time lag between subdivisions being released to the market and the issuing of titles.

(Source: NZ Herald)

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Cathedral means more to Christchurch than to Anglican church, mayor says

The Christ Church Cathedral means more to the city than it does to the Anglican church, Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel says. Dalziel made the comment in Cathedral Square during Sunday's launch of an 8.4 metre-tall model of the People's Steeple, built by United States master carpenter Marcus Brandt.

(Source: Stuff)

Wellington plans a Housing Quality Standard for every home in the city

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(Source: Stuff)


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