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Don’t CRI – It’s Just “Constant Retail Improvement”

John Long
Don’t CRI


With so much noise in the Herald about DWTS, Trump and our own parliamentary reality show, it’s easy to overlook their excellent commentary on Auckland’s retail scene.

Scentre/Westfield Newmarket is making progress. This is not a ‘mall’ but is said to become the largest ‘living centre’ in their portfolio. It will be massive for Auckland!

This is not a ‘mall’ but is said to become the largest ‘living centre’ in their portfolio.

The recently completed street improvements and cycleways at West Lynn are to be ‘made over’ to fix mistakes in design and construction. It’s now been discovered that West Lynn is both a local village and a shopping destination. 59% of shoppers drive there, car parking is acknowledged as important. Common sense is finally breaking out but likely at some cost!

Retailers worry about the mix of shops, rents, transport changes, loss of parking...

The struggle at Mt Eden Village moves along as the Post Office closes and the retailers worry about the mix of shops, rents, transport changes, loss of parking and people going to malls.

This is a characteristic disruption process for the main street retailers’ that’s been going on for a while, but I’m encouraged about the future for these villages. The resurgence of Barbershops and further growth in Bar/Cafés shows there are still lots of opportunities if people can work together.

I’m encouraged about the future for these villages.

However, the story of a Herald Journalist, reported on the 29th, being clamped at a west Auckland Shopping Complex in a P120 area after only half an hour, shows how this can be badly mucked up.

Most retailers need customer parking and a quick turnover means more capacity on site, so policing is needed, but customers need to be very certain of their shopping experience or they won’t be visiting again.

All of us working in the retail industry need to do better, as Scentre are always striving to do.


Go Rentals Put Their Customers at the Heart of the Experience

RCG had the privilege of collaborating with Go Rentals to develop their new service concept which has been implemented at both Christchurch and Auckland Airports. They've put their customers at the heart of the experience and have integrated self-serve kiosks which make it even easier and faster ('reduced by up to 60%') to check-in. 

"Delivering the best possible customer experience is at the core of our business and this ground-breaking technology means we can continue to innovate the way we interact with our customers well ahead of what we see our competitors doing,"  Mr Dalglish, GO Rentals Managing Director.

Since its launch in 1999, GO Rentals' continued growth has made them the largest independent car hire company in New Zealand. A large fleet of vehicles suitable for any journey, multi-award winning customer service, application and operating systems, makes for a most enjoyable hire experience every time.

GO Rentals leads the industry in customer experience, sustainability and innovation.


In the Press

Local Media Highlights from the past week...


KiwiNet finalists: 'Infinitely' rechargeable batteries, wearable tech

Infinitely rechargeable batteries, wearable smart soft sensors and receptors based on those of insects have been singled out in this year's KiwiNet Research Commercialisation Awards.

The awards, now in their sixth year, celebrate science from New Zealand's universities and Crown research institutes that have been brought to market.

(Source: NZ Herald)


Is Labour's Kiwibuild policy Talk Big but Think Small?

The most ambitious interventionist economic plan pursued by a New Zealand government was named after a race.

Think Big won the Melbourne cup twice in the mid-1970s, making quite an impression on Allan Highet, a long forgotten Minister of Racing in Rob Muldoon's government.

(Source: Radio NZ)


FMA CEO Rob Everett says the financial services sector is at a tipping point and needs to focus on how to make sure customers get a better deal

Even if a probe into bank conduct and culture fails to turn up any systemic misconduct, Financial Markets Authority (FMA) CEO Rob Everett says it will lay a marker for what is and isn't appropriate in the future.

In an interview Everett also told he wants to see strong evidence of an appetite for real change from the top of both the banking and insurance sectors. This comes after he, and Reserve Bank Governor Adrian Orr, appeared in front of Parliament's Finance and Expenditure Select Committee on Wednesday to discuss their investigation into bank conduct and culture.

(Source: Interest)


Property sellers rake in $3bn over last three months, according to latest CoreLogic data

House sellers across New Zealand are still cashing in despite some markets cooling off, pocketing $3.1 billion in profit during the first three months of 2018, new figures show.

The remarkable money being made in Kiwi property – even in Auckland where prices have flattened - shows just how big the country's housing boom has been, property experts say.

(Source: NZ Herald)

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