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Mourning the loss of a colleague and friend

Paul Keane
Proposed Spa Complex in Rotorua for Pukeroa Oruwhata Lakefront Limited.

Proposed Spa Complex in Rotorua for Pukeroa Oruwhata Lakefront Limited.

It’s very rare for most companies to maintain client relationships for longer than 5 years or so. What normally happens is that as personnel change, the affection or relationship with clients also changes or declines. Inevitably therefore we cannot expect to hold clients forever, regardless of how hard we may try. Further, clients sometimes like to see change as a form for improving what is on offer.

"In the very early 1990s, RCG were approached by representatives of Ngati Whakaue, an Iwi group from Rotorua who were considering a shopping centre development in the central city of a Greenfield site of some 13 hectares which previously housed the central railway station." 

As a result of that initial discussion, we developed a relationship with Pukeroa Oruawhata Holdings limited, and on their behalf over a period of 20 years, we gradually developed Rotorua Central which is a 55,000 sq metre shopping centre in Rotorua.

The Directors of Pukeroa Oruawhata Holdings limited, were the same Directors throughout the 20 year period. The shopping centre "Rotorua Central" is a key asset for the company and has proven to be a very successful facility for the local Rotorua community.

Since then, the Directors have been determined to continue growing the company through the acquisition of other properties and the development of new facilities where possible.

RCG has maintained its close relationship with Pukeroa Oruawhata over nearly a 30 year period, and is the Architect responsible for a new major spa complex that is planned to be built on the lake front in Rotorua. We are very proud to be associated with Ngati Whakaue and its wider group of companies.

"However in the past 48 hours, we attended the funeral of one of the Directors of the company, Hamilton Manaia Pihopa Kingi. "Bishop" as we knew him was one of 6 original Directors."

He was a special person, reliable, respectful to others, a gentleman, considerate and keen to help others when required. His colleagues, Malcolm Short who is Chair of POHL, and Alec Wilson, are still on the board and contribute markedly to the ongoing activities of the group.

It has been a memorable experience for those of us in RCG to have had a relationship that has extended to almost 30 years. We thank Bishop for his significant and quiet contribution to that relationship and for his work for his people. His legacy will live on and he leaves behind a Whanau that will continue to work hard to continue his work and to grow the assets created.

RIP, Bishop Kingi, and thank you for your friendship over many years. The relationship we have with Ngati Whakaue is proof that business relationships can sometimes certainly grow into long standing personal friendships.



The Associates at RCG have spent the month of November crafting their moustaches and raising funds for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. The below clip is taken from our linkedin page - please follow the link below if you would like to donate, every dollar helps a great foundation. 


RCG - Movember from RCG on Vimeo.

In the Press

Local Media highlights Monday 20 November - Monday 27 November 2017


Tourism industry concerned as visitor charge looms

A proposed charge on international visitors to New Zealand is unnecessary and possibly unworkable, a tourism industry group says. Labour campaigned on charging international visitors a $25 per trip levy, with 60 per cent of funds collected going on tourism projects, and the rest going on conservation work.

(Source: NZ Herald)

Hotel room shortage shrinks with 11,000 rooms planned or being built

A forecast shortage of hotel rooms is rapidly shrinking as new investment kicks in and some areas could potentially end up with an oversupply. Colliers International's hotel division estimates there are 2900 rooms under construction in Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown, with a further 8400 mooted.

(Source: NZ Herald)

Roy Morgan Research poll finds high levels of optimism about 2018

A special Roy Morgan New Zealand SMS Survey taken in mid-November shows 53% of New Zealanders think 2018 will be ‘better’ than 2017, compared to only 26% that say 2018 will be ‘worse’ and a further 21% expect 2018 will be ‘the same’ as 2017.

(Source: Interest)

Ardern optimistic America's Cup will be in Auckland

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she is optimistic the America's Cup will be held in Auckland. Minister of Economic Development David Parker told Newstalk ZB Team New Zealand were asking for a "significant" hosting fee. Auckland Mayor Phil Goff said Auckland ratepayers would not be paying the fee.

(Source: Stuff)


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