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New Zealand Local Population Database

John Polkinghorne
constructive thinking

The New Zealand Local Population Database (NZLPD) contains population information for all parts of New Zealand, including council areas (regions and territorial authorities), and more than 260 towns and cities. It uses census data covering a 120-year period from 1891 through to 2013.

For the general public, we recommend first reading our Constructive Thinking publication which analyses NZLPD results for Auckland, and cut down Excel tables which show the key population results for regions, territorial authorities, towns and cities.

 constructive thinking  constructive thinking


For researchers, academics, council staff and others who would like more information on the NZLPD, more detailed resources are available.The NZLPD includes detailed Excel tables, and an accompanying Paper which gives details on the methodology and explores some of the results.

The NZLPD will be updated periodically, and the most recent data will always be publicly available on this page.

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