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Not all Roads Lead to Rome

John Long
Car Bike Foot

There has been a lot of comment in the media about bus stops, pedestrians, roadworks, cyclists, cycleways and also town centres. 

The lines have been drawn between the various activists’ agendas with some big calls being passionately advocated but that’s the problem. We need clear heads.

This is our city we’re tinkering with, and it’s more than the sum of its parts. 

In particular the ‘town centres’ need to be treated with care. Parking, servicing, bus stops, pedestrian access, safe cycle routes and the “businesses” that cluster in the town centres and along the main streets of the city all need to work together. Pushing through a bus facility that makes pedestrians uncomfortable might ruin businesses, and we are already seeing the negative commentary coming from these retailers.

It was no surprise to me when a Retailer in my West Lynn neighbourhood, shared their real worries of how Auckland Transport’s plans had impacted on their business turnover. They say their shop also now floods anytime it rains as new asphalt directs the catchment towards the doors.

This could have been anticipated in the planning and design work

The Mt Eden business association are stepping up to the plate to prevent this happening to them, but they shouldn’t have to if the planning was robust. I don’t just mean consultation; it’s a matter of expert urban design technical knowledge, not just user feedback and choosing some plants.

These design and planning decisions impact business turnovers, hopefully positively if done properly. If not, a thriving town centres’ “income” from their customers could decline and with it rents and property values. Rates income would then reduce and with it the ability of the city to borrow to build cycleways, and clean up beaches. See what I’m getting at?

We Aucklanders are told the city is currently at our borrowing limits. Let’s take care with this and look after the retailers and other SME’s as well as those using the roads. 

Constructive Thought: Retail Success Beyond Parking 


Westfield Parking

Although NZ retail has historically relied on parking to bring in customers, this is changing in some places. We only need to look as far as Australia to see some quite different models. Westfield Sydney, with a prime position in the Sydney CBD, is top of the Scentre Group portfolio in every respect: total sales, value, specialty sales per square metre. This centre brings in almost $1.2 billion in sales, with specialty performance 50% greater than any mall in New Zealand, with just 172 carparks on site.

In the Press

Local Media Highlights 26 March - 3 April 2018


And New Zealand’s biggest taxpayer is...

It has paid billions in tax since 2003, but the NZ Super Fund’s head of tax John Payne says it sees tax as simply a return to the government.

The New Zealand Super Fund was set up in 2003 to help pre-fund the future cost of universal superannuation in New Zealand, and it now stands at about $38 billion in assets – but its tax bill is very volatile.

(Source: The Spinoff)


Auckland apartment selling for $30k: Buyer beware, realtor warns

Here's an unusual tale - about cheap Auckland property. Apartments are going for a song and a list of the latest auction results from two specialist real estate agencies reveal the story.

(Source: NZ Herald)


Insurer to charge more for high risk earthquake prone homes

Thousands of home-owners who live in high-risk earthquake-prone areas and insure via Tower are set to face hikes in their premiums while those in low risk areas like Auckland will get a cut.

The NZX-listed insurance company, which is New Zealand's third largest general insurer, says it will stop cross-subsidising its policy-holders from April 1 in a bid to send a clearer message to home-owners about the risks of where they live.

(Source: NZ Herald)


Pressure on industrial property developers to go to new heights

The rise of online shopping and the push for improved delivery is forcing property developers to come up with creative solutions to provide more space.

Bayleys industrial and logistics director Scott Campbell said the pressure meant developers were considering building multi-storey industrial properties.

(Source: Stuff)

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