Not Your Standard Architectural Practice.

As a design thinking firm, everything we do is about solving the issues and barriers that stand between the realities of a project and your vision for what must be achieved. To ensure this happens fluidly and successfully, we have internal resources who we can draw from, to add the most value and influence towards the outcome of your project.




For 30 plus years our practice has been designing quality and enduring projects across a wide range of sectors. Projects range from large-scale civic buildings and retail centres to boutique stores. Our design work combines the innovative and expressive with the economical and functional.

Master Planning

Our end-to-end involvement enables us to add value throughout the life of a project. We understand the constraints and potential of sites and address these creatively and practically. Our involvement continues through design, build and management as properties are leased and tenanted.

We can help with:

  • Town planning
  • Urban design
  • Creating Ecosystems with Multiple Stakeholders
  • Green Field Development


Whether its retail, workplace, hospitality or broadcasting, we understand that the spatial environment is a critical component to your businesses’ success. We are experts in bringing your values, stories and identity to life, by integrating analytical, functional and creative avenues.

We can help with:

  • Network Strategy, and Rollout Services
  • Spatial Strategy
  • Project Visualisation
  • Experience Design


Whilst we have worked with Iwi and Indigenous communities for over 30 years, we aim to normalise indigenous values in every aspect of our work. We recognise the importance of indigenous cultures, and how Architecture can empower our communities and embody values and expressions which help shape our identity.

We understand that stakeholder values and processes will be unique with every engagement, and that this backdrop can come with its complexities. However, an iterative process with regular and open dialogue will not only ensure that success is achieved on your terms, but we can navigate the pragmatic and commercial realities alongside you.




Our economists use analytical, demographic and economic impact tools to identify trends and gaps, question assumptions and quantify impacts. These findings underpin the goals that are set for each project and enable us to maximise business profitability and growth. This front-end work is critical in helping our clients to proceed with confidence.

We can help with:

  • Financial and risk analysis
  • Market intelligence and growth projections
  • Activation and use strategy
  • Property Diagnosis and Due Diligence

Development Consultancy

This is the part where we bring multiple areas of inhouse expertise together, to explore and unlock the potential value of your assets. From market analysis, feasibility modelling, bulk and location studies to tenant procurement, what we do delivers the difference.

Property Management

We currently manage a significant number of portfolios, buildings and leases with an estimated capital value in excess of $350m. Our property team operate throughout New Zealand and have specialist expertise in managing multi-site property portfolios and multi-tenant property portfolios which encompasses commercial and light industrial sites. This includes retail outlets, workplaces, call centres and major distribution centres.

Tenancy Coordination

We represent and assist many clients with their lease negotiations and property transactions. We can provide expert property advice for our clients outside of their core business, which can have significant operational and financial ramifications.   


Through our agency, RCG Realty, we can undertake all strategic leasing and site acquisitions inhouse.


Through RCG Realty, we offer you access to a range of services that align with, and add value to, our own services. As an in-market specialist, RCG Realty can keep a close eye on market developments looking for opportunities. For example, you can work with them to search for and identify the best potential locations. Then, once design and building are complete, RCG Realty can help you develop leasing strategies, negotiate with tenants, even manage the property, or indeed your wider property portfolio, on your behalf.