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How do you make people good with money?

The issue

BNZ came to us wanting to update their store network and engage customers through a unique banking retail experience – including the latest advances in banking technology. At the heart of BNZ brand is the promise to “Be good with money” and we wanted to incorporate that promise into the retail design. However, banking is often perceived as a grudge purchase, so capturing passers-by can be challenging. After extensive research - with a focus on retail banking, we decided to push the boundaries regarding the concept of everyday banking.

Solving that

We began by mapping an ideal customer journey of personal and transactional experiences. The left side is a more clearly BNZ-branded space: task driven, fast-paced and transaction-based, with an innovative saw tooth self-service wall which helps with queue management and offers a sense of security. The right side focuses on customer-led interactions, featuring a double-sided interactive touchscreen with a custom game providing edutainment on how to ‘be good with money’. Flexible spaces, softer finishes, aspirational quotes and acoustically private spaces for important or sensitive conversations. We utilised colour, texture and pattern to create an inviting space and differentiate task-driven from customer play zones. Colourful pendants and gradient herringbone flooring assist with wayfinding. On the right side BNZs classic blue and white colour scheme was extended with bright green, pink, gold and a spectrum of blue.


Best Awards Finalist 2016

As a result...

Finalist in the Best Awards, the first BNZ store model is a beacon of personable banking advice and innovation. Many more retail stores throughout New Zealand have followed, and the new concept of retail banking has proven to change customer’s behaviour with an increase in store visits.

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