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AMI Insurance

How do you transform insurance into an award-winning retail experience?

The issue

In 2013, AMI was looking to take customer experience to a whole new level in the insurance sector. Their goal was ambitious: to make the locally-focused AMI the most social, trustworthy, easy and helpful insurance offering across New Zealand. With 68 branches and 21 agencies throughout the country, they wanted to become more of a retailer, able to offer engaging service in an relevant, content rich environment. They called on our significant expertise in retail to bring that to life.

Solving that

We started with a strategic analysis of their store performance at both a national and regional level. Next we reviewed their store format and identified goals for a new customer experience model. We then designed an environment and offer that reflected AMI’s customer aspirations along with a personal ‘curated retail’ offer, a mapped customer journey based on life stages and touch points and a visual system that expressed the brand personality.

These changes shifted the culture and structure of the stores from distribution to retail, creating a community within the store and providing an experience that is unique to the AMI brand and personal to their customers.

They meant AMI could behave like a true retailer using promotion and attraction events throughout the year to tie in with customers’ lives, tempt them with the new and trending, and surround them with digital content that gave them in-depth browsing. In return, the stores themselves could lift sales and create longer, more interactive relationships with customers.

5 store pilot rollout, Nov 2014- March 2015.
20 stores completed to date.
12 stores being per year for the next 3 years.
NZRIA Division Winner 2014
NZRIA Graphics Winner 2014
NZRIA Colour Winner 2014
Best Awards Bronze 2014

“Our new site at Takanini looks just great, please pass on our thanks to the RCG team. Your team has delivered excellent service and have been a pleasure to work with. This has really validated the decision in my mind on the RCG partnership, to assist AMI to deliver the best ‘face to face’ retail insurance network in New Zealand.”

Ray Goodger, IAG

As a result...

The new store layout is designed to promote two-way customer engagement based on their stage of life. The scalable format can also be tailored to specific location characteristics.

Staff now act as guides, telling great stories that address real challenges and offer great solutions. The environment is surprising and relevant and has a lovely experiential intensity that ensures AMI is on their way to becoming the best “face to face” insurance offering in New Zealand.

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